Main reasons for choosing the LASTING woolen underwear:

  • 100% natural material
  • High-grade permeability
  • Maximum comfort owing to excellent moisture elimination.
  • The fine Merino wool causes no scratching and itching.
  • An excellent thermo isolation owing to many tiny air bags between the fibers.
  • Flat seams for a comfortable feeling.
  • The natural wool fiber is more fire resistant than synthetics.
  • Perfectly processed knitted fabric and high elasticity for an ideal mobility.
Common wool, which has a fiber diameter of 30 microns, is uncomfortable for most people. The diameter of the fiber is directly proportional to the level of itching that you feel. Underwear made from merino wool with a fiber diameter of 18 – 22 microns is more comfortable then underwear made from regular wool, but sometimes it still may itch. Our underwear is made from carefully selected SUPER FINE MERINO WOOL with a fiber diameter of only 16 microns. This is the finest merino wool that breeding farms produce at the moment. Choose the best from nature and enjoy the great properties of wool fibers without the itching.


Advantages of Merino wool:

As soft as silk
– The finest types of Merino wool (SUPER FINE) have threads with a fiber diameter of 16 micrometers (microns), i. e. 0,016 millimeter. For comparison: human hair has a diameter of 100 micrometers.

Thermoregulatory ability
– The woollen textile materials creates a microclimate on the body, which is means that in the winter it keeps you warm and in the summer it keeps you cool.

Sweat transport
– The surface of the wool fiber is hydrophobic, therefore it repels sweat. Sweat will evaporate, or if held back (for example by a layer of clothes), it will soak inside the fiber, which is by contrast hydrophile. The interior of wool fiber can hold up to 30% of its weight in moisture without the wool fabric feeling damp or clammy. Even fully damp fiber stays dry on touch and at the same time keeps its thermoregulatory ability.

- woollen textile material is even permeable („breathing”) when worn under layers, this feature at the same time makes it possible to evaporate the moisture in the fiber quickly. Permeability is ensured by irregular surface structure of woollen fiber, which is formed by microscopic flakes.

Antibacterial ability
– The wool is composed of 90% protein (keratin), it binds itself harmful substances to itself including viruses and bacteria and limits their spreading and effect. Woollen clothes don‘t smell, even after multiple contact so you don’t have to wash them as often.

Wool is non-allergenic
– There are no noted allergic reactions to wool (what is sometimes called „ allergy“ is in reality when people with sensitive skin feel uncomfortable wearing wool with high micron thickness). Merino wool extra fine, and super fine (with 16 micrometers) has a soft as silk touch so that is even comfortable to the obstinate opponents of wool.

Wool protects from UV radiation
- which many synthetic fibers can not do.

Hollow staple
– Merino wool is a natural hollow staple.


Light 160 g

Flat fine knitted fabric – 1. layer
Clothing made of this knitted fabric is designed to be worn year-round as a base layer directly on your body.   In the spring and summer, it can be utilized as the only layer. This material has an excellent pleasant feel, is very permeable, comfortable and keeps you warm. Thanks to 16 micron merino wool we guarantee no itchiness. It can be utilized in almost any sport and outdoor activity.



Medium 230 g

Iinterlock knitted fabric – 1-2. layer
Elastic knit from 100% merino wool 18 micron is suitable as the first or mid layer.  The interlock knitting guarantees high product elasticity while keeping the benefits of the natural merino wool. The air channels in the fabric improve the insulating properties of the material and improve sweat management. Clothes made from 230 g interlock are characterized by high comfort and functionality.


Heavy 260

Double face knitted fabric – 2. layer
Double face knitted fabric is suitable as the second layer in cold weather. Thanks to 16 micron merino wool, we guarantee no discomfort due to itchiness. It can be used in almost every sport and outdoor activity in cold or even freezing weather.  This material has an excellent feel.  It is very permeable, comfortable but most importantly, it keeps you warm.


WOOLSENS – 100% the Superfine Merino Wool 16 mc
The super fine merino wool called Woolsens comes from specially bred sheep living in Australia. Owing to the fiber diameter of 16 micrometers (microns, µm), this merino wool has considerably better isolating feature and permeability than the common wool. It is also finer and softer to touch. Owing to a unique natural consistence of the wool fiber the Woolsens underwear doesn’t support the bacterial growth and thus it doesn’t smell bad even when worn for a longer time. The specially processed Woolsens underwear does allow machine drying.

WOOLCEL 150 g/m2
Single jersey knit from ultra-soft merino wool 16 microns and natural fiber Modal. It is suitable as the first layer in warm weather. The combination of Modal and Wool provides very good breathability and sweat management, keeping you cool and providing the optimal climate. It has a pleasant silk feel for maximum comfort. Thanks to the cooling effect, it is very suitable for summer and indoor sports. The natural properties of Modal and merino wool greatly reduce the formation of harmful bacteria.

WOOLTECH 210 g/m2
Double face knit with 100 % merino wool 18 microns inside and recycled polyester-polyamide from the outside. It is suitable as a first or mid layer. Merino wool in direct contact with your skin will keep you warm and provide the optimal climate in every condition. Polyester with polyamide yarn ensures fast evaporation of moisture and increases the durability of clothes. Functional knit while maintaining the benefits of merino wool.

CLIMASENS 180 g/m2
Functional ribbed knitted fabric, on the inner side there is a fine combed mixture of the Merino wool and the polypropylene. The polypropylene ensures the maximum moisture elimination from the surface of your body with subsequent transfer into the upper layers of your cloth. There is no moisture, no microorganisms or coloring agents remaining in the fiber. The Climasens is up to 50% lighter than cotton.