Why to buy LASTING socks?

We have had 20 years´ experience with manufacturing LASTING socks. Your feet will feel comfortable and safe even under extreme conditions. We look for the best function fibres on the market, test them in cooperation with professional athletes and the result is this catalogue of socks for different kinds of sports. Trust us and your feet will be in dry, warm environment without any bruises or blisters. We use unique technological procedures in manufacturing LASTING socks and that´s why our socks are so exceptional.

AIRCOND – a knit-work system creating many drainage canals in the whole sock. It considerably improves air circulation and removal of moisture and sweat off the skin.


HARDTECH – a knit-work system creating  two-layer protection in the sock. The sock areas which are under the highest stress are strengthened with the third additional layer of material to be more comfortable and durable. This system is used in socks for the cold weather.

TRANSFOR – a combined knit-work system creating a released one-layer knitwear in the sock and sock zones under the highest load are strengthened with the second  layer. This is used especially in socks for the warm weather. They can be used even in the cold weather if combined with suitable materials.  

The basic feature of socks recommended for sports, walking and other physical activities is maximum comfort possible for the user for all the period they are worn. LASTING socks provide thermal comfort and removal of moisture and sweat off the skin. This minimizes a risk of bacteria proliferation and occurrence of blisters. A sophisticated reinforcement of the most stressed parts of feet reduces impacts and minimizes bruises. Elastic bandage of the sole, ankle or border secures a proper position of the sock on foot even during demanding sports performances. Select socks contain a compression elastic material to increase oxidation and accelerate muscle regeneration. Other socks have their tips sewn using a seamless technology so no seam can pinch.
Both natural and synthetic materials are used for manufacturing LASTING socks. We always emphasize the function and suitable combination of materials as each of them  has its unique properties. Our customers can appreciate that the best quality materials in their ideal percentage are always used.

A wide range of socks for different kinds of sports is a guarantee that everybody can choose and find the most suitable LASTING socks for them.