SILTEX - 100% polypropylene microfabric As much as four times the amount of microfibres enhances the utility values of MX1 fibre. The absorbing capacity of polypropylene composition structure is near zero and owing to the maximum number of microfibres, outstanding characteristics regarding the moisture transport is guaranteed. An unimaginable number of air ducts provides for an ideal heat climate. The ducts give perfect heat protection.

X-STATIC ® - 85% polyamide + 15% silver A polyamide fibre coated with a layer of pure natural silver. The best anti-microbial protection that will never fade out. X-Static® will continuously emit the silver ions to disintegrate the germs´ molecular structure eliminating by the same hydrogen in DNA. The germ unable to breathe will eventually die. Another unique property of X-Static® fibre is the ability to absorb static and electric discharges. Therefore, it is antistatic. There are more than 7 000 nerve ends on the sole, the body uses the nerves to emit electric signals. Since silver is best conductive of all elements, X-Static® will absorb the signals as well. As the electric discharges pass through silver, a magnetic field is formed around the sock and improves the blood circulation.

ISOLWOOL® - 50 % polypropylene + 50% wool
A perfect half-and-half combination of Merino wool Meraklon polypropylene. It enhances mechanical resistance of wool. The socks made of the material are admirable for resistance and at the same time, for exceptional heat comfort. Socks made of ISOLWOOL® are as much as five times more resistant than sock of 100% wool. Thermal protection is very high owing to the Meraklon polypropylene insulation capacity and the structural properties of wool. The combination is a guarantee of an ideal body temperature even under the severest climatic conditions.

ISOLFIL® - 100% polypropylene
Premium quality Italian polypropylene yarn of Meraklon fibre. Its thermal conductivity is the lowest of all fibres and as a result it is the best in protecting the body from swings of temperature - it maintains a constant temperature. The moisture absorption coefficient of Isolfil® is the lowest of all and therefore it is able to take sweat outside the sock and thus to prevent any annoying feelings at any strain and weather.


POLYCOLON – 100% polypropylene Finest quality polypropylene yarn from Schoeller Austria. Polycolon® maintains your body’s performance and keeps you dry for longer, no matter how much you perspire, by wicking moisture away from your foot. It is very light and durable. It is hydrophobic material and dries very fast.

BBBB ACRYL® – 100% acrylic Lasting developed premium Acrylic yarn that provide you with extra ordinary comfort and protection. It is designed for improved blister protection and excellent insulation.


THERMOLITE ® - 100% polyester
Thermolite provides warmth and comfort without weight. Excellent moisture management. Hollow-core fiber technology provides the most warmth at the lightest weight. It wicks perspiration away from the body up to 40% faster than the leading thermal wear fabric. Resistant to mildew and odor retention.


COOLMAX® - 100% shaped polyester
Special four-duct polyester fibre is water-repellent, non-absorbing and it will take any moisture from the sock to the upper layer of the material very fast. There, Coolmax® will take the moisture in form of vapour (by evaporation) away very quickly, more quickly than other fabrics, thus regulating the body temperature. The excellent permeability of the fibre will provide for the thermoregulation effect of the LASTING high-performance socks. In result, the performance and comforts of a sportsman are getting improved.


CLIMASENS - climayarn
Functional ripped knitted fabric, on the inner side there is a fine combed mixture of the Merino wool and the polypropylene. The polypropylene ensures the maximum moisture elimination from the surface of your body with subsequent transfer into the upper layers of your cloth. The Merino wool optimizes the thermo isolating features. There is no moisture, no microorganisms or coloring agents remaining in the fiber. The Climasens is by up to 50% lighter than cotton.

DoubleDOUBLE - Functional Thermal Underwear of Double-Layer Fabric
High thermo isolating feature in spite of the low weight of the cloth. Plush links of the polypropylene fiber and fine combed cotton yarn ensure maximum thermo isolation in cool and frosty weather and perfect sweat elimination.